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The Why & How of WriteBlocker Validation

In this webinar, you will learn why hardware needs to be validated and you will be shown how to validate the proper operation of writeblockers. This webinar will show you methods for using Windows, Mac and Linux to test write blocking tools as part of a live demonstration.

Webinar Presenter

Mr. Dominguez is a retired US Air Force Office of Special Investigations Computer Crime Investigator. As an Air Force Special Agent, he was the first Chief of the Air Force Computer Forensic Lab that later became the Department of Defense Computer Forensics Lab (DCFL). Since retiring from the Air Force in October 1997, he has held positions at Trident Data Systems in Information Security; at Ernst & Young LLP as the Director of the National Computer Forensics Lab; at Fiderus, Inc. as the Director of Computer Forensics; and at Forensic Computers, Inc. as the Chief Operations Officer. In these positions, he has worked computer crime cases involving fraud, computer intrusions, child exploitation, and matters involving national security. Mr. Dominguez holds an FAA Remote Pilot certificate.

Greg Dominguez

Forensic Consultant, WiebeTech

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