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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Digital Forensics Lab

Managing a digital forensics lab can be chaotic. Without standard procedures in place, keeping track of evidence and working through large backlogs can feel impossible. In this webinar, you'll learn the top mistakes to avoid in your digital forensics lab and simple tips to streamline processes in your lab.

Webinar Presenter

Matt Danner is the Owner/Founder of Monolith Forensics and the lead developer of Monolith, a case and evidence management system for digital forensics. Before working on Monolith full time, he was a DFIR professional with 10 years of experience working for organizations in both the public and private sector. Matt regularly offers services as a forensics expert/consultant to clients to maintain his skillset and to stay on top of forensic trends and practices.

Matt Danner

Owner & Founder, Monolith Forensics

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