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How AI Can Assist You in Your Digital Investigation

T3K develops unique AI solutions for automated analysis of mass digital data, to help simplify and speed up digital forensic investigations, and provide services to private businesses. T3K brings artificial intelligence to digital forensics, developing unique AI solutions for automated analysis of mass data to simplify and accelerate digital forensic investigations.

We develop solutions based on machine learning and cutting-edge technology for eDiscovery and international law enforcement agencies, with particular expertise in

• Identification and human trafficking

• Counter-extremism and counter-terrorism

• Organized crime

• Drug abuse

• Special focus on the detection of child abuse images in pictures and videos - online or offline.

AI Digital Investigation

Webinar Presenters

Simon assists government agencies, resellers and private businesses to get the most out of T3K’s portfolio. Having come from the Trust and Safety Team at Google, he is aware of the challenges that businesses and organizations face with illicit content and how to identify and classify it.

Simon North

Partner Manager, T3K

Gareth is a former Digital Forensic Investigator who worked with various agencies in the UK before moving to Austria to spearhead T3K's product management for multiple AI powered analysis tools leveraging cutting edge supervised and unsupervised ML technologies.

Gareth Ballance

Head of Product, T3K

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