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Breaking Down SQLite Databases: Cell Structure

In our last webinar, Justin Tolman broke down the basics of SQLite database structure starting at the header and moving down to identifying the cells contained in a SQLite page. Cells, which hold the row content (Chat message, browser data, etc) of a table, have a structure of their own. In this presentation, we will continue our dive into the hex and learn how each column within a row is stored. Don’t worry, if you missed part 1, you can catch it on-demand on Cyber Social Hub… and we will do a (very) quick review!

Webinar Presenter

Justin Tolman has been working in digital forensics for 12 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology from BYU-Idaho and a master’s degree in Cyber Forensics from Purdue University. After graduating he worked as a Computer Forensic Specialist with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

He joined AccessData in 2015 as a senior instructor where he trained digital forensic professionals worldwide in forensic tools, concepts, and workflows. He was later promoted to Director of Training over North America. Justin has written training manuals on computer and mobile device forensics, as well as (his personal favorite) SQLite database analysis.

Justin currently works as the Forensic Subject Matter Expert and Evangelistat Exterro following the purchase of AccessData by Exterro. He is frequently presenting at conferences, on webinars, and hosts a podcast and produces YouTube content related to digital forensics and Forensic Toolkit.

Justin Tolman

Forensic Subject Matter Expert and Evangelist, Exterro

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